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Investing in a new central heating system has many benefits to your home compared to just installing a new boiler. Central heating may be required if you’re building a property, taking on a property development or need to upgrade your older system or electric storage heating. It refers to all associated parts that heat your entire building and there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether that’s a combi boiler, system boiler or conventional boiler in conjunction with the central heating installation, our expert team will be able to assist. We understand that a full central heating system can be costly, that’s why our dedicated team will look at all factors in your home from the type of gas pipework required to the type of flue.


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How does central heating work?

There are a number of actions that makes central heating systems functional to warm your home. Firstly the boiler will heat up the water which is then pushed around your radiators and hot water tank (if you have one) using an electric pump. As the water flows through the radiators it emits heat to warm each room when turned on. This heated water will also be used in showers and taps when switched on, whilst a thermostat monitors the temperature and switches the system off when it’s hot enough. There are a number of components that make this possible such as magnetic and hard water filters, weather compensation sensors and hot water cylinders, which will be detailed when deciding on what boiler and central heating system you would like installed.

The process of central heating installation

From your first enquiry, Hampshire Heating will carry out an assessment of your current heating system and take on board your budget and requirements. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will be able to provide advice and guidance on what is best for you with products sourced from leading and reliable manufacturers. Once you have made a decision on the combination you would like, our Gas Safe registered engineers will install the radiators to identify where the pipework needs to be connected. When the pipework has been laid around your property – in some cases flooring may need to be taken up to connect the pipework to different outlets – the new boiler will then be installed. During this process, we’ll shut off the water and gas (if relevant) and ensure that all vents are shut in order to fill the heating system with water, then release any excess air. Once the radiator is warm after the boiler has been switched on, we’ll balance the hot water flow, remove the old system, and provide instructions on how to use and maintain it in the future.

Why choose us?

When looking for central heating installation, Hampshire Heating is your premier choice for all heating and plumbing solutions. We provide honest guidance when delivering a heating quote depending on your requirements and have years of experience in the industry making us one of the most trusted companies in the area. Our fully qualified and insured team are on hand to solve all challenges and transform your home for the better by providing high-quality services across a wide variety of heating and plumbing needs. We work around your schedule and cause as little disruption as possible whilst maintaining the utmost health and safety standards. From installation to service and repair, our reputation for delivering results to customers new and existing means that you can rely upon us.


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Dylan is an absolute hero – we had just moved into a new house and had no hot water with 4 young children. He came out qu ickly, found the issue and did everything he could to coordinate other trades to get the problem fixed. I highly recommend!

Daniel Barber

Very impressed with the service we had from Dylan at Hampshire Heating. We will be recommending to family & friends. Professional and friendly. We had been let down by others and Dylan was there at the right time & date when he said. Fitted and replaced all the pipe work in a day. We will definitely be asking him back each year to do our boiler service.

Gill Mulingani

Dylan installed a new boiler and system and was very professional and hard working. He is friendly and happy to talk you through all the options and the final work plan. He completed the job on time and to an excellent standard and was very tidy for a bit of a mucky job!!

Michelle Merritt

I highly recommend this first class company.
On his second job for me, Dylan replaced my old boiler. He talked me through the options which made me feel really confident with my decision.
I recommended him to my elderly parents and they were also suitably impressed.
Hampshire Heating Services are on my speed dial for any plumbing relating work and I highly recommend them.